Monday, November 7, 2011

3 months

Dear Sullivan,

Yesterday I packed away all your newborn clothes.  I struggled with the fact that they're already going back into their lonely plastic boxes.  I hope I get to use those precious baby boy clothes again one day ;)
At 3 months your personality is really starting to shine.  You're already extremely loyal to your him your first real laugh and always putting on a smile for him even when you're fussing at momma.  You can't take your eyes off your big brother and will kick and coo excitedly to get his attention.  I imagine that you're saying "Max! Hey, Max! This is cool, right!?"  The brother bond is already so apparent and I love it.
If Sully could elbow Max I think thats what he'd be doing in this pic.  I'm worried that these looks between the brothers will be at my expense in the future...
Max showing Sullivan the art flash cards and telling him the name of each animal.
Sully-Bear, now that its been three months since we were formally introduced let me tell you a few things that I love about you...

I love how your little head fits perfectly in the curve of my neck like it was made to rest there.

I love that looking into your baby blue eyes makes me forget what time it is or how tired I am.

I love that your hair is so effortlessly cool.

I love your easy smile and the way you laugh in your sleep.

And I mostly love that I get to call you mine.

My whole heart,

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