Friday, November 11, 2011

The greatest adventure of my life.

Dear Max and Sullivan,

I'm not sure if you boys will realize this as you're growing up or not, but your Dad and I are the adventuring type. I bet we'll always just seem like boring old parents to you, but we had many wild adventures in foreign places before becoming your parents. We'll share the stories with you one day.

Those experiences laid a good foundation for who we are as a couple. We still have a list of places and things we want to see and do together...although it will probably be awhile until we're able to get to them. Probably a very long while.

Recently I was with an older (and wiser) friend whose children are all grown up.  He was talking about extravagant vacations and spontaneous trips he was taking with his wife.  I sighed and told him how wonderful that sounded; immediately thinking back on the time your father and I found ourselves randomly near the airport and hopped on a plane just for fun.  In the middle of these thoughts he said something that I will never forget.  He said "Those times will come around again when your kids are grown and gone, but you will never get these little days back.  Ever."  He said it almost painfully.  And just like that the tables had turned in our conversation.  He envied the stage of life I was in as I was envying his.  It made me grateful for the here and now.  Even with the never-ending dirty diapers and spit up and a spirited little boy who loves to challenge me daily...I am living some of the most precious days of my life.  Ones that will make my heart ache when I look back on them someday.  At that moment I felt like the lucky one.  That's when I realized that you are the greatest adventure of our lives.

I look forward to the day your Dad and I are that spontaneous couple again, but I pray it doesn't come too fast.

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