Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Real Life Moments: March

Here are our moments from March!

This boy can work a camera. #babymodel

Max's 3 year check up.  Stats: 38 lbs (97th percentile) 39 inches (90th percentile)

Shoveling what's left of the melting snow.

Family Sunday Funday at Westport Flea Market.
 This place has it all...food, games AND shopping :)

Mr. Goodcents.  The boys favorite restaurant...

Won't miss an opportunity to pose with glasses.  It's kind of his thing.
Waiting for a haircut.
 DooDads concert at the Record Bar.  Sully rushed the stage and got mesmerized by the bubble machine.  They had fun playing their harmonicas to the music.

A boy after my own heart.  Loves his lemon wedges.  He always likes to take a couple "to go" when we go out to eat.

My sweet snugglers.  Sully likes to lay on Max's lap and let him play with his hair.  It's the most darling thing ever.

They really are inseparable these days.  Sullivan even entertains Max on the potty.  I love spying on them :)

Max went to the dentist for the first time and did better than I ever could have imagined.  We had to leave the room during the x-rays, but Sullivan didn't take his eyes off of big brother.  After it was over  Max gave him a wave to let him know all was ok.  Best friends forever.

We brought a bag full of pennies to throw in the mall fountain for some cheap entertainment.  Max's wishes were hilarious...."I wish I will never accidentally pee in my pants." and "I wish we had lots and lots of babies in our house...and also two pets."  How funny...those are my wishes too, Max ;)
Harvester's CANstruction kept them occupied for awhile too.
Celebrating Dad's birthday!

My little bunny leaving school.

 Happy to have some warmer weather for a trip to our favorite park.

Max planted jelly beans all over the yard in hopes of lollipops sprouting.  A couple days later (on April Fool's Day ;) he found small tulip lollipops in the places he planted one jelly bean and big lollipops where he planted multiple seeds.  He couldn't believe his eyes!

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