Sunday, April 28, 2013

March for Babies

It was a beautiful day for the walk this year.  We're so thankful to everyone who helped us reach our goal and, in turn, helped Team Loves Lila exceed the cumulative goal of $3,000!  

These are the "thank you" cards the boys created.  Each one is one of a kind ;)

The Loves Lila Team.

Balloon Swords!

Poor guy getting tired.  He and Max were still on the mend from being sick.

Lila's sign on Baby Boulevard.

Enjoying the walk :)

Taking a little rest.

Goooo Team!
The boys with Aunt Colleen who worked so hard to make March for Babies a HUGE success!
 Peek a boo!

After the walk we headed over to 39th Street for some lunch and ice cream.

 Trying to make our way back to the car takes a little time.  My funny boys are easily side tracked. :)

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  1. I enjoyed sharing the morning with all of you, especially my little buddies, Max and Sullivan!! Love you so much!! Lolli