Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day: Celebrating With Our Sprouts

When I told Max we were going to have an Earth Day party he was ecstatic.  He started listing all of his playgroup friends and his school friends we needed to invite...and then started talking about cake and presents.  Wait.  I think he's confused.  So I said, "It's an "Earth Day" party, bud."  And he said, "Yeah...a BIRFDAY party!!"  We had to rewind and discuss the earth and why we need to care for it, etc.  He's now up to speed on the difference between Earth Day and a birthday :)

We had a small sliver of good weather that seemed to be carved out just for the party.  Thank goodness.  Otherwise the activities would have been moved indoors.  And potting soil would still be everywhere.

The party plans were to plant seeds, have a picnic and then make mini fruit pizza's for dessert.  
Waiting for people to arrive is always the hardest part...

Finally time to dig in!

Emily's picture perfect fruit pizza.

Max and Rosemary.  Two peas in a pod :)

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