Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stir Crazy

The enormous amount of snow we received in the past couple weeks had us house-bound like never before.  We literally couldn't get our doors open.  In a way it was fun...stocking up in anticipation of the storm, drinking wine with lunch as the inches piled up outside, feeling cozy by the fire with all of my boys.  It was a little vacation from our ordinary routine.  
I love how insulated and quiet everything seems when its covered in a deep layer of snow.
After a couple days, though, we were itching to get out as we had exhausted every indoor activity you can imagine...   

 We brought snow inside.

We looked outside.
Pretending to sled.  You can't tell from this photo but the snow was halfway up the door.
Offering the Easter bunny a snack.  The boys think its pretty cool he lives in OUR backyard ;)

We tried out the snow.
Poor Sullivan.  I couldn't find his mittens so I had to put wool socks on his hands.  One is now missing of course :)
We warmed our cold feet by the fire.

We painted.

We got out our albums from Ireland, Italy, Amsterdam and some of our scrapbooks.  Sullivan is looking at the scrapbook I made when Billy and I first started dating.
"Hmm...these people look familiar..."

We jammed to music.

We painted some more.

We ate every meal as a family.  Comfort food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This was Billy's Bacon Mac & Cheese made from scratch.  I gained 10 lbs.

And things got a little crazy.  Being cooped up and wearing our pajama's all day during the "snow days" made us a little nuts.
Biggest boy, biggest kid :)
1) Sullivan decided underwear hats were an important fashion accessory.  2) Parachute play turned into wrestle mania.

In spite of the mess and the laziness (and craziness!)  I think this unplanned, uninterrupted time together as a family was good for us.

Side note:  Please don't judge the way my children are dressed in these photos ;)

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