Sunday, March 10, 2013

Real Life Moments: February

Wow, subtract Sullivan's half-birthday, Max's party, Max's actual birth-day and Valentine's Day and we're not left with many other "moments" in the short month of February.  That's ok though because February has gone from being my life-long least favorite month of the year to one of the months I look forward to the most now that these stinkers are here.  I think our whole family is coming down off of a celebration high.  
Or maybe its just sugar withdrawals.

Oh well.  We're getting hyped up for St. Patrick's Day and Easter!  Like I've said before...we're in a constant cycle of anticipation around here :)

Here are the days in February that didn't involve cake or chocolate...

Superbowl appetizer feast for toddlers.

Loving their picnic and a little football.  PB & Banana crackers, apples, yellow cherry tomatoes, cheese, grapes, chicken tenders and squeeze yogurt.  
Not sure if this is funny...or sad.  Sullivan kept using the bottle opener on his empty sippy cup and saying "more!"  He somehow thinks that this contraption fills up your drink :) 

Dinner at Blue Grotto for the JJ's fundraiser.  
This guy couldn't get enough of the fig jam from our fruit plate and ate it with his hands.

The new exhibit at Crown Center is "Funville" where kids can pretend to be a number of different professions within the town.  
Here's President Max Murray making an important call...
Surfer Sully and Lifegaurd Max.

 Sullivan has turned into quite the little Daddy.  He has many stuffed animals that he takes care of with devotion.  It's so sweet to see him make sure they all have a bite of his snack.
Love and snacks for Riffraff.  And a little snack for Tigre too.
An after dinner treat for Tigre.  He needs to be washed often ;)
And then there's Baby Bear who needs to be swaddled.  And carried around.  And then swaddled again.

Ok...this photo DOES have to with chocolate and cake.  I totally forgot about it until I came across it on my phone.  How sweet is this little gesture to me from Max on his birthday?  Billy took Max to get me a treat since his birth day was a little harder on me than it was on him ;)

Murray family bowling!  The boys had a blast.
1) Uncle Sean & Max.  2) Uncle Brenden and Sullivan 3) Keegan and Sully.  4) Cousin Brandon teaching Sullivan how to bowl.
That about does it for February!

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