Wednesday, March 20, 2013


St. Pat's may be a secondary holiday to most, but it gets top billing in the Murray family :)   

In preparation for the holiday we hosted a "St. Patrick's Day Warm-up" playgroup at our house.

Max admired all of the snacks before his guests arrived...
He went around listing everything..".Lucky Charms, applesauce, shamrock chips..."
I think he approved of the spread :)
Can't resist those Lucky Charms marshmellows!
Got a little shy when Emerson showed up ;)
He got brave and decided to show her how to make the rainbow craft we came up with.
I asked the  kids to tell me why they feel lucky and wrote it on the cloud.  Max came up with this sweet answer on his own :) 
Building with Thomas.
 *Poor Sullivan wasn't feeling well and napped upstairs during the whole party.  

Another way we celebrated St. Patrick's "Week" was by blasting Irish music and jamming/dancing until we were exhausted.  We have a bunch of Irish music records from Billy's parents and, of course, every Elders track you can name.  

Max had a little jam session before nap time.  Using the wooden horse as a guitar.

It's a party when Dad's home.  I wish you could hear how loud the music was in these photos...

On Snake Saturday we walked in the Brookside Parade with the Brookside Mothers' Association and then had family back to our house for our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner.

It was a little chilly.
This is the look Max gets on his face when he's about to torment his brother :)
Sullivan can hold his own though!
Sullivan waving to his adoring public :)

After the parade...
Getting into all the food.
Lolli's Pinterest creation...Shamrock dip!
Speaking of Pinterest Max and I made these for the cousins to take home:

It was a fun color sorting game for Max (with CLEAN hands :) earlier in the week. Sullivan helped too and did a great job getting the Skittles in the right bowl.  Then we layered them like a rainbow...with gold on the bottom and a cloud on the other end!
Here's Max hard at work earlier in the week.

After we ate, we played a few games.  They were captivated by the game Nora was playing :)

A little Jenga with Een.
St. Patrick's Day breakfast {prior to our Quigley's breakfast with the Murray family}
Digging the marshmellows out of their Lucky Charms :)  They loved the bagels with green cream cheese too.
 Max didn't like the Shatto Chocolate Mint milk so I made him green milk.
Lots of food coloring being consumed here :)
I got the boys a little Lucky Shamrock kit from the $1 aisle at Target.  They had fun planting their seeds...

 And then placing it in the window...  
 They're still waiting patiently for their lucky shamrocks to sprout!!

Lucky to have these lads in my life. 

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