Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh dear...5 Months!

Sullivan!  I can barely type the number '5' out of shear disbelief.  I know I always act "shocked" each month when the 6th rolls around, but this month really snuck up on me.  And then next month we'll be celebrating your half birthday?!  That's outrageous.  WHERE IS THAT SLOW-MO BUTTON??  I never did find it on your brother either.

Baby boy, you are growing so fast I can hardly keep you in the clothes hanging in your closet.  I feel like I'm switching out your wardrobe every week.  And this month you have really started to grab all things within your reach...especially you're feet! 
Your new favorite toy is the Excersaucer.  Dada kept wanting to bring it up from the basement and I kept saying..."No, he's still too little for that"...and then I realized that wasn't true. As soon as we put you in it you started pushing all the buttons and gumming every part of this thing you could get your mouth on :)
Seeing you master new things fills me with just as much pride as I felt when Max conquered them.  I'll confess that some part of me wondered if all of your firsts would seem as miraculous the second time around and the answer is a resounding, 100%, yes.

Sullivan, you are such a ham! You live for the camera. I used to plead with Max to give me a smile during our "monthly" photo shoots. With you I never even have to take more than two shots...and even then I usually agonize over which is the cuter one. 
You have two modes for the camera: big smile and bigger smile.

I know I talk about your smile in nearly every post, but I have never seen anything that compares to it. It starts somewhere deep inside you, radiates outward and fills the whole room. The best way I can describe it is that you smile with your soul.  I have a had so many people stop me when we're out and say they've never had a baby smile at them the way you do. Its so sweet and infectious and makes the person on the receiving end feel like they're the exact person that smile was meant for.
I love you so much sweet Sullivan and as much as I DO want you to stay little I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you my wonder-baby.

My whole heart,

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