Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Fall Fun

Why do fall leaves make me so happy?  I love being surrounded by huge, old trees.  I know they can be a mess for the yard and gutters, but walking under a canopy of red and yellow leaves feels so cozy.

Our new neighborhood is really quiet during the weekdays.  We stroll down the sidewalks, but I feel like we could walk down the middle of the street its so quiet.  We listen to the leaves crunch under the stroller wheels and the muffled sound of dogs barking from inside their houses.  The streets are completely still except for maybe a few other passing strollers.

My little guys and I have a secret spot around the corner from our house.  Its a small island with a fountain that Max loves to throw sticks in.  We take books and snacks and just hang out. This day we collected leaves on our walk.  Plus Max got a new book about fall that we hadn't read yet.

Collecting leaves in his baggie

Had fun dumping the leaves on his head.

 I've also been getting creative in the kitchen.  Not sure what to call these...Pancake-Apples?  We just corred green apples and dipped them in pancake batter that I spiked with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Happier now that he gets to eat while I cook

NOT impressed with my "cooking show" (Jen, that's for you ;)

I gave him powdered sugar, honey and maple syrup for dipping.  Max loved his breakfast treat!

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