Friday, October 7, 2011

The 2-Month Rundown

Sullivan and his mile-wide smile...

Dear Sullivan,

You are such a smilely, happy (and might I add devilishly handsome) baby!  My heart skips a beat when you flash those gums at me. 

If I haven't said it before, I will say it are the best surprise we could have ever asked for.  I can't imagine our lives with out you.

For the past few days you've slept from 7pm until 4am.  Keep it up buddy!  I can feel myself regaining sanity with each extra hour of sleep :)

My whole heart,

Below are some pictures of our trip to Grandma Murray's office.  I had him in a really cute outfit, but he promptly spit up all over it.  Thank goodness for back-up clothes.

"Welp, Dr. Kate says I'm just perfect.  Time to go now, right?"

"Um, what are those sharp things?"

" could you let them!"

"Stop taking pictures.  We seriously need to talk about this."

"I guess I can pose for one more shot."
(sorry for the obnoxious baby narration, but I can't help myself)
14 lbs 10 oz
24 1/4 inches long
97th percentile!

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  1. Devilishly pegged it!! I liked the narration!!! So funny! But, more Sullivan...ouchie!