Monday, October 3, 2011

The leaves are changing

We've been busy celebrating autumn.  I love this time of year, but I'm starting to realize how much we rely on the outdoors for entertainment.  I'm already dreading winter when Max says "momma ow-side?" and I have to tell him its too cold.  No more sidewalk chalk, bubbles or walks to the park.  What will I do with this boy!?

For now we're living up every nice day we have.  Its starting to feel like a race against time with the days getting noticeably shorter and shorter. 

We spend Tuesday mornings with the Brookside Mom's playgroup.  We decided to met at the zoo last week and Max was in heaven. 
The kids played on the playground for a bit.
Then we saw the kangaroos in Austrailia.  Max was mesmerized and spent the next couple days "hopping" around the house.
We also got out some fall clothes since a few days were pretty chilly.  Nothing cuter than jeans and a hoodie!

Last Friday we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead.
We bottle fed the goats.
Max was pretty brave...

Going down the slide with Aunt Jenni
And he was ready to go down again...
Sullivan rode down with us in the Baby Bjorn :)
Max took selecting his pumpkin very seriously.

We took the boys down to the Plaza Art Fair on Friday evening with Aunt Erin & Uncle Matt.  
EB got Max a pink (his choice :) balloon dog..

It was so cute to watch Max wait patiently with his dollar :)
Loved his pink woof-woof
He loved going down by the water.  I think Aunt Erin finally won Max's heart! ;)

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