Sunday, June 30, 2013

Vacation: Part I

We had a whirlwind vacation in June.  Nine days away from home with two boys, a growing belly and a packed car.  The last time Billy and I were gone for that length of time we were in Italy and had no children :)  Although our getaway destinations have changed quite a bit, we wouldn't trade what we have now for anything (or any place) in the world.

Part I:  Meyers family vacation at Table Rock/Branson:

A very happy Lolli & Boobo with their equally happy grandkids.  Four days of non-stop quality time ;)

Dinner time!

"Hey, where's my after dinner lemon? " - "Ah, much better. "  -- The only person in the world who possibly likes lemons more than I do :)

Each night the kids all got to take a bath and watch a night-night show together.
Sully still pulls on his ears when he's tired.
 Ah...kid's are in bed...:) 

Branson shenanigans...

Lunch at the "Big Chicken".  Where else are you going to eat when in Branson?

Sully and his "Nuk" were inseparable on our trip.   Everyone got to indulge in their vices on vacation (except for me...unless you count Dr. Pepper and fattening food).  Sullivan was a "Nuk" addict.  I'm happy to report he's kicked the habit since returning from vacation.
Pool time!

My blue-eyed babe.

17 weeks

Sullivan running to Aunt Jenni.

Silver Dollar City!
Fav photo in the upper right corner...Such a good Boobo ready to ride with Max.  Unfortunately he got kicked off  :)
 Poor Sullivan was too small to ride anything...

Visiting the park and playing in the creek...

Max was looking for butterflies and one landed right on his hat!  Too bad he couldn't see it :)

Throwing rocks and finding crawdads in the creek.  Lolli brought the kids' picnic baskets to pack snacks.

My sweet guys napping.  At nighttime they wanted to sleep in one (ONE!)  pack'n'play together, but they liked napping in the big bed.

Flying Boobo's helicopter.
 Everyone looks a little nervous.  The helicopter (or maybe the person piloting :)  was a bit unpredictable.

And more swimming!

Water balloons!

We all had such a memorable time!  Next we jumped into the car for a 9+ hour drive to Nashville.  Deep breath...

Pictures of that adventure to come.

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