Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Baby Style

I love that Billy's Mom kept so many of his baby clothes.  And that she knows me well enough to realize that I would want them, being the sentimental old soul that I am.  I've been documenting Sullivan wearing some of them in random photo shoots throughout the past couple months.

Hey. Just because I have boys doesn't mean we can't play dress-up :)

This hoodie is one of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing (out of both new and old).  It zips up the back which is brilliant.

 Max wore this same hoodie in this post when he was a baby.  
If I had put this outfit on Sullivan even one day later I don't think it would have fit.  
Max likes to sport vintage look as well.  I put him in the suspenders for his 2-year pictures back in February. 
Who doesn't love a little boy dressed like a little old man?

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