Friday, March 2, 2012

Warm Winter Days

It's days like these that make me remember how fun it was to be a kid...

I followed Max up the steps and across the little bridge when he turned around and said "Momma, is our house!" (his imagination is on fire lately.) and I said, "Oh, what a lovely home we have!" 

Max ran up to the next level of the jungle gym and proudly said "Max's room! Nigh-night!" 

His excitement and enthusiasm reminded me of playing at Antioch Park as a little girl.  They had little play buildings and houses we would run around.  Staking claim to rooms.  Pretending we lived there.  We took it so seriously.

Now as parents we get so many opportunities to experience those precious childhood moments again.  The ones I don't think we fully appreciated when we were living them. 

So I ducked into one of the slide tunnels and yelled "This is Momma's room!"  Max giggled and said "Yeah!  Momma's room!"  and crawled in to sit on my lap.

These little boys are the next best thing to having access to the fountain of youth.

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