Tuesday, December 13, 2011

An Update: 4 months & 22 months

"I just like to smile. Smiling's my favorite"
Dear Sullivan,
You're 4 months!  This post comes about a week late because your check up with Dr. Kate wasn't until today and I wanted to post your impressive stats.
Height: 26 inches (90th percentile)
Weight: 17.5 lbs (90th percentile)
Head: 17 inches (75th percentile <-- this one surprised me since you appear to have quite the noggin on you.  I thought it had to be in a higher percentile than your height and weight! :)
Cuteness100th percentile
You're right on track with all of your milestones and off the charts in cuteness as usual.  I looked back at Max's "4 month" paperwork and he weighed about a pound more than you (93%), but was shorter at 25.5 inches (75%).  You both had a head circumference of exactly 17 inches. 
Happy boy at the doctor's office!  Except the last photo...just got shots :(
You're now sleeping in your nursery and it has helped all of us get more sleep.  The first night I was so sad without you by my side, but the solid sleep made me gain perspective on that :)
You love to squeal and screech and coo.  You think the sound of your own voice is pretty awesome.  Each time you make a noise you look at me and give me a huge smile like, "Did you hear that, mom?"

You learned to roll your chunky body over this week too!  From back to front.  Brother was very impressed as well.  When Max saw your new trick he said "Whoa, Mom, Whoa!!" (not sure where he picked up on saying "whoa", but lately I feel like I'm living with a mini Joey Lawrence)

We also let you try a little rice cereal because you seem to be constantly hungry.  Plus you still spit up quite a bit and the cereal is supposed to help you keep your milk down better.  It was a hit!
Safety Disclaimer:  I know you're not supposed to put the Bumbo on a countertop, but I would NEVER even turn my back for half a second while he's in it!  He's still just too little for our highchair.
Sullivan....those EYES!  Heartbreaker.
Max - 22 Months!
I realize this post doesn't come at any particular anniversary or "milestone", but, Max, I MUST start documenting some things you're doing now because you're learning and developing so much everyday it's unreal.

This is going to come as a huge download of info in no particular order.  I'm trying to type as fast as I can to make sure I get everything from my memory onto this virtual baby book...

You're talking like crazy these days.  You can make two or three word sentences and the things you come up with (as well as your understanding of what we say) never ceases to amaze me.  The other night I turned off your bedroom light and you said "Is dark momma."  and I said "It is dark...are you scared?"  and you just replied "No.  Nigh-night".  I love that I now get a glimpse of what's going on in that little brain of yours.  You also are very big into saying "Bless you" when you hear someone sneeze.  We were in the kitchen a few days ago and you heard Dada sneeze from the living room...you yelled "BLESS YOU, DADA, BLESS YOU!!!"  A-dorable.

You're very aware of peoples feelings.  You like to announce whenever you see someone that you think is feeling sad or happy.  You also are constantly monitoring Sullivan's feelings...all day you let me know "Baby happy!" or "Oh no...Baby sad..."  You often ask us "Momma happy?" and "Dada happy?" when we both answer "yes" you'll say "Hmm...(and then exclaim) Max happy!"  I love that you're sure to think about it first :)  You also like to scold your toys or characters in your books and say "No No" while frowning and shaking your finger with disapproval.  I'm TRYING to teach you that you're not allowed to scold Momma, though :)

You can COUNT.  OK, maybe other toddlers can count too...not sure when you're supposed to learn that skill...but you can count to 5 totally unassisted.  I test your skills and will ask you to bring me 3 blocks and you'll run to the play room and run back with three blocks.  So its clear that you actually know that the words you're saying are associated with something tangible.

The numbers on the floor are left over from the "shot walk" we had at our Christmas party last week, but Max really likes them so I haven't pulled them up.  I've used them to try and teach him to recognize numbers.  He loves it.  And its a much more kid friendly game :)
Counting out four blocks
Doing good so far!  Five and six are tricky.
Recounting three blocks

You're pretty good with your colors too.  You know blue and green for sure.  I ask you to point out the colored bulbs on the tree and you almost always get them right.  Red seems to stump you the most.

You can recognize your name just about anywhere.  You pointed out MAX on the side of a bus while driving the other day.  Granted, its probably the easiest name to recognize, but I was still impressed. 
And you can pick out an M, A and X in your magnetic letters to spell your name.

.........Oh my darlings, your Dad and I could not be more proud of your little (BIG) accomplishments.  You truly have changed the way we rate success.  Success is rolling over when it seems like an impossibility given your "body type" ;)  Success is learning to be perceptive enough to recognize when someone is sad and to care about their feelings.  We watch in awe of your daily triumphs. 

To see you growing and developing into two unique, individual little people is the grea
test joy we've ever known.  Frequently we'll just look at one another and say “Aren’t they incredible?  I can't believe WE made them!” I doubt this fascination with the two of you will ever wear off.

With every ounce of love in our hearts,
Momma & Dada

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