Sunday, December 18, 2011

PeePee on the Pah-tay....PeePee on the Pah-tay....

This is the little cha-cha that we sing to Max when he wants to do his business on the big boy potty.  Max's interest in the potty has been on hiatus since he inexplicably (and miraculously) decided to potty train himself at 11 months.  We let him try it one day after he seemed really interested in what the toilet was for.  From that moment on he wanted to go on it constantly.  The excitement of the potty wore off about a month later and we didn't push it.  We couldn't believe it was even possible for him to be fully pt'd that young in the first place.

It actually stressed me out.  The thought of driving somewhere (running late. obviously.) and Max saying "momma potty" made me panic.  I wasn't ready for potty training.  There were a couple times he said "potty?" and I replied "It's ok, buddy,  you're wearing your diaper".  Bad mom.  But truly diapers are as convenient for me as they are for him even still. 

Here he is on the little potty we bought for him after I almost dropped him in the toilet one day trying to hover him over the bowl.  He'd toddle straight to it every morning on his new found toddler legs.
Max at 11 months
 (Oh Lord.  That hair was so out of control before we cut it on his first bday.)

The chair has been in our new bathroom taking up space, but it wasn't until last week that he asked to use it again.  We're taking baby steps.  I put him on it when he wants to go, ask him throughout the day if he needs to use the potty and make a HUGE GIANT deal out of it when he does. 
Likes to play music on the phone while doing his business.
Gets distracted from the task at hand easily.
 Other than rewarding him with an M&M whenever he goes I'm not forcing the issue for now.  And it's going to be awhile before I trust this man with nothing more than a thin piece of cloth covered in Yo Gabba Gabba print between him and the outside world.
In the meantime, the underpants make a suitable hat.
If you really want to make him mad take them off of his head without permission.  Not cool.

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