Monday, May 27, 2013

April: Real Life Moments

Better late than never ;)

Hopefully I'll be more on top of it next month as we're wrapping up May already!
My Super Boys ready to save the day.
Sullivan decided to unpack our winter gear that I had so carefully put away.
Sully and GG have a special bond :)
Max flying his first kite.  And enjoying a picnic lunch.
Giving Sullivan a little boost.  Max takes his big brother role very seriously.

They beg me to let them nap together every afternoon.  It's too sweet.
Sullivan's paternal side.  Taking good care of his baby.
Sunday trip to the Nelson.
A cold, rainy day spent indoors at Paradise Park.  Max liked the face painting station the best.  He was determined to have a beard just like Dad and carefully drew one on :)

Billy likes to come up with fun games to entice the boys to help out around the house.  One day he labeled bags for each of the boys and challenged them to pick up as many "spikey balls" as they could.  Whoever had the most would win a PRIZE!!  The boys got busy, but in the end it was a tie ;)  So Dad gave both boys a special little prize.

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